Steve Gibson · @SGgrc

5th May 2011 from Twitlonger

One additional note from the LastPass folks:

I wanted to also forward this update which now appears at the bottom of their notification post:


UPDATE 1: We're overloaded handling support and the sheer load of password changes is slowing us down. We've implemented a way for you to verify your email and then not be immediately forced to change your password for that IP, access from any other IP would bring you back to email verification. You can now wait a few days if you know you'll be on the same IP without loss of security, and due to this overloading we think that's prudent to wait.

We're asking if you're not being asked to change your password then hold off -- we're protecting everyone.

You can access your data via LastPass in offline mode (pull the cable out of the wall then login) or by downloading (choose your OS)



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