Full statement from Champion on Mendenhall: "Rashard Mendenhall does not speak for Champion when he expresses his opinions and viewpoints on his personal Twitter account. In fact, we strongly disagree with Mr. Mendenhall's views on the war on terror. Champion supports the U.S. government's efforts to eradicate terrorism and is sincerely grateful for the security provided by our Armed Forces and the sacrifices made by members of the military. We are also proud to support our own employees who are members of the National Guard and Armed Forces reserves. As a company with offices in New York City, we remember all too vividly the horror of September 11, and we continue to sympathize with the victims of September 11 and their families and friends. It is clear that many people strongly disagree with Mr. Mendenhall's personal views on this highly sensitive and divisive subject. We respectfully count ourselves among them."

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