C.J. Miles · @cjmiles34

2nd May 2011 from Osfoora

because I play ball there is no thought put into what people say back to me they just blow up and say I have no right to talk about it like I live on another planet it's dumb to me and doesn't make sense but I also understand what your saying @cjhfsu .. BUT I also thought that's why people follow me or I should say us so they could get more than basketball .. But the second the season ends and we step in to the real world it's frowned upon lol so maybe it's not what I'm tweeting maybe some people who follow me need to decide what they want and remember my news channel reports the same as you news channel no matter how big the TV is .. Which is what it all comes down to because we are athletes and make money what problems could we possibly have .. Why are we speaking on These things ... It's soooo stupid .. I'm takin a break I'll talk about the playoffs later so the Universe won't collapse smh

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