#Libya #BaniWalid 17/04/2011: 10 o’clock, Some of the Teachers in AlNahir Alsinaai Secondary School Raised the Independence Flag over the school and asked freedom for their brothers and sisters in Misurata, And very quickly the School was surrounded by Gaddafi forces. Furthermore, after the news was quickly spread between the people of the city, they went with their weapons and took Gaddafi forces away from the school and the teachers were realised from the school, after an exchange of gun fire.. and Bani Walid is still not settled.
The sources also reported about Gaddafi forces trying to prison the revolutionaries in Bani Walid, but the people of the city have threatened the Fources they will attack them if they try to detain any of the revolutionaries or the teachers.
More over the revolutionaries are getting ready to stop the route that Gaddafi forces use to get supplies to their forces in Nafusa mountain areas. And yesterday they managed to stop fuel convey in Wadi Dinar area which was going to give the supply to Sirte to help their forces in Brega.

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