After 5 great seasons and 9 months, the 'Airplanes' cancellation has been finalized. This series has been so great, and I was blessed to work with such a great story line and great characters. I will truly miss the series, however the show's cancellation will make room for many more series to come, within the next few months and the new year. Of course, the series will continue to air consecutively for the next few months, and we will end our airing this December. The sixth and final season will debut in August, and after the sixth season is finished, the series will be finished. Today, on April 18th, 2011, I will complete production of the fifth season of the show, and I will begin production on the sixth season, next month. The next season will truly be the biggest season, so far. All 14 episodes will lead up to a shocking finale that will perfectly end and compliment a perfect show. Remember to think about us, keep us in our hearts, buy our download releases and just know that we are so greatful for all of you.

Season 1 (June 30/10 - Aug. 18/10) - November 4/10
Season 2 (Aug. 25/10 - Oct. 31/10) - April 20/11
Season 3 (Nov. 3/10 - Nov. 24/10 - May 20/11
Season 4 (Dec. 1/10 - Dec. 22/10) - June 12/11
Season 5 (Jan. 5/11 - Jun. 30/11) - Nov 21/11
Season 6 (Aug. 2011 - Dec. 2011) - Jan 28/11

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