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18th Apr 2011 from Twitlonger

Yahoo, I wanna talk to you! I figure if you are on twitter, then there is bound to be a Real Person on the other side of this screen. I want the attention of a real live person, whether you reply back or not. The point is for you to pay attention to what is happening on your Y! websites but behind your corporate backs. Or at least I figure it is behind your back simply because the tactics make absolutely no sense when it comes to running a reputable online #business.

Whether or not you know it, you have a problem.

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You can read more about it here:

Use the Find for "Yahoo" and all will be revealed to you there. However, reading the entirety of those words, you will better understand the situation and why you now have a problem or we have a problem.

If you will notice above in my activity summary that I have buzzed up 1,079 times and the first buzzer for 228. However, the other day I went into my Yahoo Buzz account and found that all the #links that I buzzed up from the Factoidz websiter were all gone. I Did Not Do That.

Someone inside Yahoo! is tampering with my account or has tampered with my account on your site. After finding that all the links I had buzzed up that went to the work I did on the factoidz website were gone, I began deleting all the buzz up's by me for the other writers on the factiodz site. (I did hate to have to do that, but...) I'm not sure how many pages would account for
First Buzzer: 228.

But on my screen there are now showing 96 that is 125 that are gone. I'm sure if you go in, you should be able to find where someone that was paid really good by someone who did not have the authority to override my account and get into the account and tamper with it.

In checking you should find where I, myself went into the Yahoo Buzz account to do some revisions and found all those first buzzes by me were already gone/deleted.

I'm not really surprised by this since one of your old employees a man by the name of Mike Quoc the owner of factoidz has threatened me while making it clear that he use to work for Y! and he has strings there he can still pull to get what he wants via a private email. (I'll be happy to forward that email to you if need be...)

Why am I doing it this way, well because it is something the whole world needs to know and right now, I do not like the #odds of sending this #information via the Yahoo site since it may be very possible that my message to you will be intercepted by the cohort of the owner of the Factoid #scam.

@Yahoo @YahooBuzz @YahooBuzzLog

I sincerely thank you for your time.

Sara Valor

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