JYJ fandom in Korea has been notably expanded across different generations of the young and old. Here are some saved (from a few months back) comments of ahjumma fans who ranted about Hotel girls. It is rare to see a fandom like this, isn’t it? :

``I have been, ever since following JYJ situation, shocked to experience many young people of this generation. They don’t seem to comprehend at all which side they naturally belong to when facing conflict between individual and systemic power, all the while the powerful is building up tall wall to fortify their territory using all possible resources. Either they have no courage which takes to challenge any obstacles in their own lives or they take it for granted that somebody will open doors necessary to cross over the wall. They carelessly join in justifying the tyranny of the powerful.

It’s your task to participate in breaking the shell of existing cartel embedded within social system. Though contribution by each of you might be no greater than picking a single brick out of the whole gigantic wall, if all of you participate together, it will eventually collapse. Couldn’t you at least reflect: Why should indi musicians who want to pursue their own colors of music hang around with empty stomach? Why should a few giant management companies monopolize all the broadcasting and music market as much to distort the whole music scene? What you girls are doing is no better than fighting over the left over flakes from the feast table of invincible system you blindly support out of jealousy toward three young men.

I assure you that once you accomplish pulling down the wall, you will be rewarded by more varieties and affluence of cultural experiences. Try to approach the matter with objective attitude reflecting on fundamental issues. Instead of carrying out meaningless battle over internet, trouble your mind more about individual right and dignity of human beings. This is a battle prepared for everyone of your generation.

Your generation is accepting proposition of materialism and monopoly without any resistance. Stop being proud of cheap cultural practice offering tribute to companies through organized fan club or worshiping slave master’s speech of this kind. Throw away passive attitude approving tyranny or being appreciative whatever is given to you by giant idol management companies. Instead, please think about why gate key of all cultural industry is disposed exclusively at their hand.

My generation had visible enemies, the fight against which was straightforward in a way. I am sorry for leaving this kind of corrupted system to you. Our fight, in our generation, was against political power while yours, in your generation, is a fight against the power of gigantic capital. This child (P/N the writer of this post)is feeding herself on left over residues of the powerful while offering the rightful portions destined for everyone in your generation to the power of capital. Please open your eyes.``

``I agree. The privileged wanting to maintain their system is a problem, of course. On the other hand, young people, who blindly worship and approve of systemic social injustice represented by a top winner’s monopoly is a disaster in terms of this country’s future. They seem to care nothing but immediate gains of individual``

``I also second the opinion. Notions of young people in this generation is becoming more and more infected by capitalism. They don’t bother thinking about the problem of system, but only push it over as individual conflict``

``Perhaps, parents in our generation is responsible for it, by not caring enough about disposition and active principle but driven by undesirable fever of education to be distinguished for accomplishments, thus blocking discerning insight of mind``

``I agree about the fight with the power of capital. Our society is now run by and subjected to the power of money. If it goes on this way, most of us will end up being enclosed inside the boundary created by the powerful capital without even knowing it is a prison or being able to see or hear what we want. In a society without varieties, people can’t truly enjoy being human beings. That’s why we support JYJ who strive to live as dignified human beings``

``Yes, please open your eyes to the issues of individual‘s right and dignity. This is really a fight of your generation. If you don’t fight now, your generation of 10s and 20s will end up being worthless consumers of cultural capital``

``It is quite depressing to think that it’s not only those girls, but the whole society is following the same trend. Otherwise, how could people elect a person like MB for the president of this country?``

``It appears hopeless to put any realistic sense into the minds of these girls. They will probably realize only when they experience a real society, and regret how dangerous it was to absorb what was given to them without discerning criticism``

``I wish, for the future, a society in which common sense and principle are universally valued so that my own children, no matter which side they belong, the weak or the strong, can live with courage not to allow abuse of power. That’s why I encourage people to pay attentions to and think about the issue of JYJ and SM``

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