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16th Apr 2011 from Twitlonger

[Eng Video Transcript] JYJ Interview on ThreeforYou (Channel 3, Thailand)

[ Video clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=Ji743d5Q7kU ]

credit: fingyy17 via youtube
English Translation by: @Lookkaew_SK

T/N: This interview was pre-recorded before the concert in Bangkok (on April 2nd and 3rd), but it was aired on TV last night (April 16th) at 2.45 am. PST.


JYJ: Hello, this is JYJ.
[each member said hello and introduced himself]

Q: Will Jaejoong please talk about your new role for the first time as a concert director? What have you already prepared?
JJ: I'm very excited because it will be my first stage [directing] and I have quite high hopes for this. Both the concert staff and I intend to succeed on stage and I want the fans to see all the efforts I put into it.

Q: This time, Thailand is the first stop for JYJ's world tour concert. Please tell us of its enormity and the surprises you've prepared for Thai fans.
JJ: We've prepared 4 new songs that we composed and produced by ourselves for Thai fans. They were such meaningful songs to us.
JS: We could sing these songs for the first time in Thailand, so it's really momentous.

Q: What other new Thai phrases have you learned? Will you speak a bit for us?
YC: *head gesture towards JS* Junsu!
JS: Huh?.... I will love coconuts! [spoken in Thai]
YC: *laughing his head off*

Q: In the future, what activities/goods does JYJ plan to release for the fans to rejoice?
JJ/YC: We really want to tell you, but it cannot be revealed right now. They are surprises we've prepared for the fans.

Q: Anything you wish to say to Thai fans?
YC: This is the first stop for JYJ's world tour concert, starting off in Thailand. After this, we're not sure which country would be next. We will be going back to Korea first because Jaejoong took on the responsibility as a director and also composed several new [genres of] songs. Thus, we have to get ready for the new album.
JS: The first stage [we will be performing] is in Thailand. The concert staffs and all of us are very excited. We're trying our best. I would like to thank all the fans who's coming to the concert and waited for JYJ for like long. From now on, we will try to be 'the JYJ' that fans accept and want us to be. Thank you so much.
JJ/YC: *looking amused and clapping while JS was being serious*

Q: Did you have any spare time to do want you wanted to?
JS: I've done some, but what I wanted to do and couldn't was walking on Bangkok's streets while eating roasted pork on a stick [Thai pork kebab], just like how regular Thai people were doing.
YC: When the three of us are together, we often joke that we wanted a house in Thailand as well.
JS: If I do actually have a house in Thailand, I will plant coconut trees, so that I could have coconuts to eat every single day.
JJ: I came to Thailand early to do what I wanted to, but one of the staff said to me that if I've already done everything, then there will be no need for me to come back in Thailand again. Therefore, I'm going to leave something here, in case I get to come back to Thailand. I've already planned out what I would be doing if I get the chance to come back next time.

JYJ: Thank you, this is JYJ.

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