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14th Apr 2011 from Twitlonger

Hayato's Blog:14/4 for cancel of JYJ charity event in JP
Everyone , know that you know that super arena didn’t permit the charity event .
However only received ZAK (selling promoter): said they are trying to hold the event so that they are still in discussion. Didn’t mean that really canceled.
This is a charity event to raise money for the victims,why they can’t sing ?
Didn’t admit the fact for raising money isn’t a behavior that anti the society?
Compare to help the victims , isn’t that is more important things?
So don’t sing and don’t appear in front of everyone is ok then?
No, if don’t sing , it is meaningless.
Because their songs didn’t just raise the money , and there is brining hope and courage to everyone.
No matter how please fighting !
Please transfer our mind ! JYJ’s mind!

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