Can the Graduate Student speak, & if ze can, will anyone listen?

I'm not really interested in the content of @briansarnacki's post from yesterday (Sorry B!). I am, however, interested in the criticisms it generated. Most follow this pattern: grad student + "naivety" = dismissal of opinion.

It seems the same formula is used often to systematically silence graduate student voices throughout the interwebz. The exact same formula is used to silence graduate students who complain about the so-called "job market." And the exact same formula is often used when graduate students critique their graduate school experiences. The formula tells graduate students what academia expects of them: shut up, work quietly, & accept the status quo.

In my opinion, it's terrific that graduate students are so threatening & potentially damning that their voices must be silenced as soon as they utter a syllable.

Sarnacki's post:

Cherry-picked Twitter reactions:!/Jenjanofsky/status/57617669981085696!/BecomingIsrael/status/57567537893883905!/jrhorn424/status/57561160832139265!/paleophile/status/57537180859510784!/dink1of4/status/57534457766363136

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