I would like to sincerely apologize to Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and the fans that are in Reseda tonight for the show. Due to an emergency I had to remain home. If this was any other company, I probably wouldn't feel the way I do but having to cancel a PWG show, on such short notice especially, kills me.

I never had to cancel shows in the first 10 years of my career and now it seems I'm having quite the streak of bad luck with that.

I had to pull out of the AIW show a few weeks ago because of a family emegency. I had to pull out of a Max Pro event in Toronto because of an injury, and now this.

I am truly, deeply sorry and I guarantee that I will make it up to everyone the next time I'm in a PWG ring. The truth is, some things come before wrestling (not many but they do exist) and my little dude is one of them.

I have a feeling people will be quite pleased with the changes made anyway, and I won't be missed much! I wish everyone there a good time.

Oh, and one last thing. I'd like to especially apologize to Tozawa and Johnny Yuma...Tozawa, I'll miss your musk...and Yuma, I promise, you'll get to sustain a serious injury / death at my hands soon enough so cheer up! :)

Thanks everyone!

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