@jyj_33 [Staff Account] About "In Heaven", why was it called "In Heaven"?

(excerpt from a staff account) ...while listening to this song, many might be curious why the song is called like this. What does it mean? What does it refer to? When I knew the name before listening to the song, I also thought whether it was a heart-breaking love song, why Jaejoong had to name this song like this. Thanks to P'Kung (T/N 411 CEO) that gave us the light. P'Kung said that Jaejoong composed it to his friends who passed away when Jaejoong was in the US. You guys still remember that? P'Kung said when he listened to this song and know the meaning of it, he felt goosebump because it was so deep and he didn't expect that JJ would be able to convey the feeling this much.

cr. @Noonygirly

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