@y_aya_k One of Jaejoong's past girlfriends. During trainee days before debut he had a girlfriend he dated for 4 years who was 3 years older than him. She was also an ulzzang ("beautiful faced person" similar to JJ).
She broke up with Jaejoong telling him he was too young for her and not popular enough. Anyways she was a player. During their relationship they had ofter broken up and gotten back together.
So JJ thought ah we will just get back together again so he even went to her highschool and told the teacher he was looking for her after a few weeks. When the teacher told her "Jaejoong is looking for you" She replied that I don't know such a person and that is what the teacher told Jaejoong.
Anyways then Jaejoong debuted and became super popular super fast and she wanted to date him again and he was willing to forgive her but the members told him to draw the line and reject her so he rehected her.
And then she found a guy who looked similar to JJ and posted pics of him with her online and when people told her that isn't JJ she got angry and replied "did I say they were pics of Jaejoong? That boy is too young and immature for me"

Anyways lots of drama.

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