@NICKIMINAJ vs @lilkim commentary by Questo

its my personal belief that dissing/verbal (well & actual) pugilism is the most intense form of LOVE.

where your intent is to affect/infect em to the highest degree. i know that sounds contradictory (displaying harsh actions as a sign of affection) but if you see this in somewhat of a shakespearean (or maybe the hero/sidekick narrative of The Incredibles) one can only conclude that if Nik REALLY hated Kim...... she would do the most painful act of hate....which i pretty much know from experience (as loved and hated) the surefire slow burning-last-scene-in-kill-bill-way-to get under ones skin....is to act like they never existed.

(indifference is the opposite of love. not hate. which clearly this verse http://bit.ly/fAlENG is not indifference)

long as this don't end up the way kim's last beef ended with Fox (member the hot97 shootout which pretty much landed kim where she is now) i say let em battle and continue this lovefest.

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