@SoundOfFootball Great podcast as usual lads...up until you tossed in the Team GB grenade!
Talk of 'the demise of the SPL' and a permanent Team GB fills me with dread. I'd cease to be a supporter in that instance and just enjoy the sport as a spectacle.
At least - unlike many - you guys have the self-awareness to admit it's an easy thing for three Englishmen to sit and discuss.
If you have the time, both Craig Brown and Paddy Barclay sum up the overriding feeling amongst us in the Celtic countries in last week's 5Live special on the subject - http://bbc.in/hsWQcq
Sorry for the rant, but the SFA's stance (plus the FAW and IFA)is completely understandable and in no way small-minded, at least in my opinion. Keep up the good work!

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