#leadfromwithin Research indicates @Encouraging others is 1 of 4 Main Factors that RAISE Self Efficacy beliefs 2 Lead N change behavior.

The psychological term for encouraging others is Verbal Persuasion (or coaching and urging others to try hard –believing in them).

The other three factors are:
Performance Objectives (breaking things down into baby-steps);

Vicarious Learning Experiences (talking about or showing someone what and how others accomplished progress through their own challenges), and;

Physiological States (feeling interested, motivated, excited etc., raises self-efficacy beliefs, while feeling down, depressed, apathetic, uninterested, etc., lowers self-efficacy beliefs).

Offering encouragement is critical to helping others break through barriers and accomplish many goals, including becoming a better and more effective leader. In one way, I believe that raising self-efficacy beliefs is a key to helping people listen more effectively to their TRUE Self vs False Self, and thereby be more on track with their lives, their purpose.

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