Here is a longer status statement about me you might be interested in.

I am a wife, mother of three sons and a step son and a registered nurse who works in an acute mental health unit.

I am passionate about fairness and a fair go for all people and I am devastated by the escalation of poverty in all our western countries and the simultaneous extraordinary profits a few corporations and wealthy elite are accumulating while paying comparatively no tax back into the community.

I am also interested in informing the world about the type of people who operate in corporations, government bureaucracies, and corporate media who's agenda is to legislate and misinform the masses to promote unchecked growth of the wealth of the super rich. These four hundred or so people who's wealth has flourished like a malignant growth have drained the middle class virtually to extinction.

Wikileaks is an important and integral part of fighting these people and this system as most journalists are now hamstrung by corporate media they work for and the days of the detective like investigative journalist have long gone.

Wikileaks is our only hope of informing the public of what is going on unchecked behind the closed doors of these super rich elite who are bleeding our world dry.

Without Wikileaks and clever, fair minded people like Julian Assange and his team we will have no hope of giving the majority of people in our societies an acceptable quality of life again.

Our individual futures depend very much on what happens over the next months and years there still is time to fight back and restrain legally the psychopathic people and corporate entities running our world, but we have to act quickly and skilfully to do so

People have lost so much and they are angry and hurting and now is the time to keep them informed as to why this has happened. Now is the time to channel their anger into constructive effort to regain our freedom and rights as citizens of the world.

Now is the time for Wikileaks our future and our freedom is dependent on it.

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