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24th Mar 2011 from Twitlonger


The reactions from Korean fans created such a chaotic scene.

Everyone said that Yoochun's skin was so white, and that his body's proportion was great.
Today he was wearing a sky-blue checked shirt, jeans, and sport shoes.

Lee Da Hae looked like a doll, really skinny.

So many fans came, it was so noisy and chaotic.
But some non-fans didn't know YC, only knew Da Hae.

There was an ahjumma waiting for YC at the parking lot, and she got his signature.

YC did a lot of NGs.
A scene of about 10 seconds took more than 30 mins.
Da Hae had filmed several scenes already, and he was still filming that 1 scene.

YC and Da Hae seemed very close, they were smiling while talking and even touched hands.

There was one scene of YC settling up at the counter. He had picked things from the supermarket: carrots, mango juice, some kind of noodles, lotion or shower gel or something like that.

After finishing filming, YC waved to the fans and got in the elevator.

Chinese trans: yujin
Eng trans: JPhylls

Hwaiting babe!!! Do ur best!!! I know u can do it!!!

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