Put this in your Blog and read it. Part II of my flying adventure.

Thank you for the great feedback in volume I, but as I put my laptop away more adventures occurred in which I would like to share with you. It is 1 am but I am still kicking around from all the adrenaline from the flight. I actually survived my connecting flight by thinking of how I can describe my journey to you all. And so it begins.

I dont really remember taking too many night flights, but on the descent they turn the lights on as if it were last call. This lasts a couple minutes and we go back into darkness. Through it all the older gentleman and the younger lady going to Vegas continue their conversation though shifting it to the guns they own (welcome to the South). Ken wakes from his sleep and becomes a bit fidgety. As we descend into Atlanta he puts his chin into his fist and with the bright full moon shining creates an epic silouhette similar to the POW flags. But his behavior seems very familiar and it dawns on me that perhaps papa bear suffers from anxiety attacks from flying which is why he slept the whole way and awoke in a heavily concentrated focus, staring holes with his piercing eyes in the headrest in front of him. We land just fine, though our connecting flight was in 30 minutes but we made it ok. I spoke with "Ken" a little when we landed. I didnt get his real name. I feel like that would be weird. But he was going to Detroit. I told him he looked like the principal from the Breakfast Club and he said he gets that a lot. We both exchanged safe travel goodbyes, and the worlds safest emergency exit row dissipated.

The beginning of the 2nd flight story should start in the Fort Myers airport. The woman at the ticket counter asked if I wanted another emergency exit row and I replied sure. I like having that responsibility in my hands. But the only exit row available was the middle. So I took it. It is a 50 minute flight from Atlanta to Charlotte so I figured what the hell. Maybe I'll sit in between a couple Norwegian models. Well that thought lasted until I saw my row 21 and the physical specimen that had to be a Carolina Panther linebacker. He looked like a giant President Arnold Palmer from 24 (the most refreshing president ever) He was so big that he didnt even put his arm rest down, so technically we shared 2 seats. The person to my left seemed normal enough until I saw his fingers riddled with bandaids and the germophobe in me cried for help. It looked like freddy krueger was flying back from knife removal surgery and sure as shit, they sit him next to me.

Both guys sleep the entire time and I sit there with no magazine nor ipod as I had no room under my seat with President Palmers huge sled lying under my front chair. So I people watched. The 3 people in front of me looked like family. The older gentleman sitting window, looked like Dana Carvey when he used to do the SNL senior bush skits, a woman sitting middle looked like Mary Catherine Gallagher from SNL and the younger guy, mid 30's like the woman, looked like my teammate in Florida Ian Macdonald but with glasses. They all chatted for a bit until the lights went off.

From there on out, it was nothing but puppy love for the 2 mid 30's couple in front of me. In the darkness, their shadows constantly nuzzling up to each other reminding me of 2 penguins in the march of the penguins mating season scenes. Nose to nose, forehead to forehead. I looked around to see if anyone else was noticing the 9th grade-ish extreme PDA showing that was taking place in row 20. Nobody did, except for the bizarro Dana Carvey-Bush who was intently watching these two whisper sweet nothings in each others ear. The only break was when the drink cart came around and they both got waters, Carvey Bush ordered a beer, the stewardess asked what kind, he said he didnt care. Nice.

The flight was short but eventful in watching hardcore PDA. Our luggage took longer than expected and our taxi ride to the hotel hit every red light making Cedric constantly mutter what I assume was curse words in French. We checked in and I am with somebody, guessing McKenzie though I locked my door either way.

I know I have a hard name to spell, but you would assume your employer would know how to spell it. This is the second time I have been called up and the 2nd variation in my name spelling. Last time, they had all the letters right, but it was jumbled around like a game of Boggle. This time, a phantom S appeared as well as a D. Thats right. Goesferd. Bobby Goesferd. I hope my jersey bodes a better fate.

Good Night all and thanks for reading my novel. It helps me vent in the inner workings of my thoughts. Geffman47: A voice looking for ears.

Also, about the blog. I prefer twitter because of the feedback and being open to chat about my tweets, but if I did, the name I came up with was, "Inside the Mind of a Serial Puckstopper". So you can refer to my twitlonger sessions as such. 5002 characters. Eat that Twitter.

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