@ChangeInLibya @ShababLibya @hamzamu @LibyaFeb17_com @LibyanDictator @feb17voices @Tripolitanian @LibyaInMe Guys plz RT & spread to all your media contacts around the world & family in Misurata if any, this animal needs to be stopped.. I have the google map if anyone needs it. The email was sent to me by a very trusted friend;

Dear All

I’ve just received a call from a friend confirming the following from Misurata.

Two civilian buses loaded with armed personnel dressed as civilians have entered Misurata (ca. 60 peple) accompanied by 11 tanks and are positioned at the main hospital in Misurata (close the Time Square). The hospital has been out of service for 4 years. The tanks are positioned at the front garden of the hospital.

Gaddafi today announced that he’s going to arm the public to go out and clean the cities from the revolutionary. It seems that he wants to create a massacre in Misurata tomorrow, which he will go back and say it was the Libyan people who went to kill these rats (he refers to Libyans as Rats).

A massacre is about to happen in Misurata if the international coalition doesn’t wipe them out today.

Remember over 80 people have been killed yesterday in Misurata by snipers

We need to get the news out to stop the massacre from happening!!!!!

Rabee Yustir

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