Dear brothers/sisters,
Another criminal act is going on at this moment in #Salmaniya medical hospital in #bahrain. The army is taking all the admitted injured citizens in the surgical wards one by one by ambulances to BDF(Bahrain defense force) hospital. They are taking their files/ notes away from the wards, deleting all the informations from the computers.
They have given warnings to the expats nurses if they opened their mouth talking about this issue.
They have locked one of the accesses to the lifts to that building leading to the surgical/ orthopedic wards. The only access to the building is guarded by the armed personnels, not letting any access
except after thorough check. The atmosphere in the hospital is frightening and unsecured as the doctors and nurses are telling me.
We all think that tomorrow some NGO's are coming to visit the Salmaniya hospital to see the injured citizens. For this reason they are hiding all the evidences, by transferring the patients to BDF
hospital and hiding/ or eradicating all their notes.
Please call all the NGOs let them know about this issue. Likely that the Red crescent from Kuwait or elsewhere or red cross are coming. We
are sure that they will not let any honest/ noble person join these

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