It’s on, #16 BU vs. #1 Kansas. If, make that when, BU wins, it not only shocks the world, @paulpierce34 will serve as BU’s mascot for a day. On the off-chance Kansas survives, on the off-chance BU’s bus gets lost on the way to the gym and has to forfeit. On the off chance John Holland contracts a rare 24-hour bug that limits his dominance and the Jayhawks fluke their way to the next round, I will wear a Kansas hat during an entire Celtics game broadcast and serve an entire day for the @truthonhealth initiative. But there’s no chance you’ll ever see a meticulous and consummate professional play-by-play guy wearing a hat, during a game. Therefore, get your cameras ready…because the next time you see the BU Terrier mascot, Rhett…inside will be a 6’7, future Hall-of-Famer NBA Finals MVP…sweating his Jayhawk tail off.


Three rules; don't ever get involved in a land war in Asia. Don't ever go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line...

...and don't bet agianst a guy named Sean...on St. Patrick's Day.

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