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12th Mar 2011 from Twitbird Pro

[TRANS] Jiyong's mom letter to Jiyong:

My dear son, recently seeing you being so tired over so many things, I don't feel good. It hurts me.

To become a singer, You are in the "Entertainment Industry" for almost 10years. But upon hearing you say that, you didn't do anything great about and breakdown/feel sad, it hurts me you know? Sometimes seeing you like that, makes me wanna cry but im afraid that if I were to cry, you'll give up everything. So I controlled my tears...

In my eyes, you're my cute and lovable son. Whenever I heard people saying bad things about you, I'll use my eyes to look/treat at them coldly but the this isn't the purpose of my letter. I felt something that I had never felt before so I decided to tell you now.

When i saw you being welcomed and loved by the crowd and felt happy/bliss, mummy feel that being a idol is only a moment of "being proud career".
But I still feel that it's right for you to have this career but there are many people out there. All with different thinking and mindset. You will have to keep creating new ideas to satisfy everyone, you're sure of this more than anyone else right?

And when you debut, you're debuting with a title of "The Best Idol Group". And that is also why people are focusing more on Big Bang. That is for sure.
But as a Leader of Big Bang, a leader that many anticipate about, wearing "Skimpy clothings" this will hurt so many people/fans out there!

Because I know if people are disappointed with you, their way of showing will definitely be a kind of hurt to you. But you're such a lovable kid and if you're being hurt by what others said, mom will be worried for you and unable to sleep.

But when things like thar happened, you're always showing a smile on your face, being so cheerful. Then I think, that's right, who's son is that? Such mistakes in certain levels, can be revived and remedy. So whenever, mom see articles and things that are not truth on the net, I really hated them alot.

But come to think about it, you're a idol and a very famous one. That could be why people are focusing and caring towards you. But I didn't know that "caring" can become a bad thing, a bad thing that many haters out there are cursing you, saying bad comments about you to hurt you.

At that point of time. I was thinking.. "is it because others really hate you alot?" but I keep thinking.. "Why are there even people hating such a lovable child like that?" my dear son, you're now grown up, you're already at a age of knowing where's and what your mistakes are.

This is Korea. And you're a idol. That is why I think that many things have a certain levels to it. With your personality, there are people loving you it's a "natural thing". But from my point of view, people are saying/commenting you like that is because you had brought out a "Trend". A trend even with "Skimpy clothings", you worn it out like a Trend. And that us why you "entice" others's interest, that is for sure. Due to this, I think that those who are commenting/reflecting about you are also not wrong.

Hearing all these from me, you might think that I'm "attracting attention" from you and asking you for a "sorry". You might think that your mom betrayed you. If you think this way, now listen, that is because "I'm your mom". Now remember this in your heart. "I'm your mom!"

So when you shoutout to the world, look at my first page of the letter, it's your story. I feel that you've already reflected on yourself and you could already have your own thinking. But not long ago, during the rehearsals, your fashion stirred up a series of comments again..
Although its normal at home for us, but you're facing a camera, a camera that the rest of the people in Korea, are seeing. But you did the same thing, same problem again. It hurts me, you know?

In my memories, you're a perfect child. No matter what you do, it's very detailed. But nowadays, I feel that you have "ignored" all these comments about those haters and only care about those fans that love and supported you and slowly relax yourself.

About the plagiarism and Shine A Light Concert, I know that you have treasured and focused on them, so you felt very hurt but there is a song, a lyrics that goes: "There is always up and downs." So I believe that my son is not that kind of person that will plagiarize other people's songs. Because he isn't that bad boy. But for those who don't understand my son, will definitely misunderstand. So I hoped that no matter what you do in the future, please be more careful. And don't be sad and troubled by things like these anymore.

But to my surprise, we saw your Concert on the chart and many others are saying, I was shocked as well. You too, am I right? My boy, who is in the wrong in certain way was shocked too isn't it?

When you're holding your own concert, keep in mind that there are young fans too. So I think that don't always go by your feel for the performance, give a little attention to those fans, alright?
When you just debuted, i think that the fans that you attracted are proud of you and you're leading them. But I think that now, you are letting your fans lead you. I'm upset. You should be a person that shouldn't be letting others lead you. Don't keep expecting love and support from your fans. You must be energized and grow up alright my son? Mom will be supporting you no matter what happens! I'll be at your back saying: " Hwaiting, my son!"

Jiyong ah,
Mom will always believe you and love you. I hoped that you'll become a humble person and will accept those comments by people out there. To you, it's still a long way and we are constantly seeing you grow isn't it?
Your mom will be expecting what's coming out from you more than any of your fan that loved you out there! Don't ever forget this.
Jiyong ah, in the future there might be more tiring days, bad days coming.. But mom can't help you anymore. I believe that you are a lively and nice child, so I'm passing my role and this letter to you. I know that you might hated me for it, hated me for giving you such a burden, but for you to succeed, I'll accept it if you were to hated me for it.

For a world like this, you can have the choice to ignore but remember this: "Ignorance, is also a another way of love."

Jiyong, my son, Hwaiting! Don't forget that your mom are always supporting you! Giving you moral support! Don't stop and you must work harder!! I love you, my dear son. - Jiyong's mom to Jiyong.

(Cr: However that produced the Chinese letter of Jiyong's mom letter to Jiyong)
[Translated by: Angela (@ohh_angela)

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