Q)How was it working w/Kristin Kreuk,@mrosenbaum711 & Tom Welling?

A)Tom and I have a relationship very much like you would expect. Especially in the beginning when he was so new to the TV game. Working with him is easy, refreshing and rewarding. Kristin is delightful. A very sweet girl.

Q)Don't u think Kristin/Lana should be in the Finale like Lex?

A) I think that only those who have a part in turning Clark into Superman should be in the final episode. His charachter is formed by love and adversity. The love of his parents and the adversity of the Luthors. For that reason I think the story is better served if Lana isn't there. She made him Clark. The others make him Superman.

Q) What do you envision yourself doing when you turn 60?

A) Playing more golf and using paste wax to polish an Academy award or two while playing with my grandchildren!

Q) When did you know that you wanted to be an actor? At what age?

A)Started acting in local theater in Mt Kisco NY when I was 8!

Q) What do you consider to be your greatest accomplishment?

A) My children's character and "Children's Miracle Network"

Q) Who or what inspired you to work in your field?

A) John Wayne and Robert Redford for film. Howard Keel for theater.

Q) What makes you laugh?

A) Adversity! Bring it on!

Q) Who's your favorite actor/actress?

A) Currently Marissa Tomei and Liam Nissam.

Q) If you could have one of Clark Kent's powers, which would you choose?

A)I can't stand airports. Give me flying/superspeeding any day!

Q)Is Mike a good admin?

A)the BEST!

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