A Message Regarding the Estate's Handling of Unofficial "Michael Jackson" Facebook Pages:


In the spirit of the mutual respect that we have built over the past months, we wanted to make you aware of something. In the best interests of furthering Michael’s legacy and ensuring that EVERYONE (not just the fantastic fans who already know true from false) receives accurate information from the Estate and those that help protect and enhance Michael’s legacy, the Estate is going to authorize Facebook to remove all non Estate-related Michael Jackson profiles on their social network.

Facebook has made us aware that many of these false (and/or “non-official”) pages violate Facebook’s TOS (“terms of service”) agreements. The problem we’re having is that while many of the fan-created Michael pages are wonderful, respectful, and informative, many are not, and this can be very confusing and/or misleading for MJ fans around the world, both old and especially new.

We know that none of you are confused by profiles misrepresenting themselves as official Michael pages, but the general public is not as MJ-savvy as you are, and we want to ensure that everyone has the best and most accurate Facebook experience regarding Michael. From this point forward, there will be only one Facebook page for Michael, and the Estate will be watching over it carefully, creating a lot of new, interesting content, and in general, becoming much more involved on an ongoing basis. Of course, we will be looking to you over the coming months to help us, to provide ideas, and to really be a part of the experience! After all, who knows Michael and his fans better than you, the real fans, do?

Just to be clear, Facebook is not intending to remove all pages with any Michael Jackson content. They will be looking at pages which are misleading by pretending to be – or appear to the average eye to be - “official” pages, or pages purporting to be an official MJ page authorized by the Estate or one of its licensees like Sony, Ubisoft or Cirque du Soleil. Obviously, this is a judgment call, and we will make every effort to ensure that fan pages, fan groups, etc. are untouched, there is a human element to all of this, so in the beginning, some judgment calls will undoubtedly have to be made. We expect this action to commence in the very near future, perhaps as soon as later this week or next. Thus, if you have a Michael Jackson page which contains any content on Facebook that you think may be questionable to someone else, and you want to protect or keep your content, we’re giving you advance notice so that you can take action now to do whatever you think is proper before Facebook starts removing any “questionable” pages.

Let us know if you have any questions, and as always, thank you for your understanding and support!

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