(Telzone)The current state and prospects of JYJ affair, March 3rd, 2011:

JYJ is now the biggest issue maker in Korea as proved by frequent appearance in not only korean portal but also international news sites. During past few days, the issue has become even hotter due to Qtv incidence, 2vxq TV appearance in knee drop guru and internet broadcasting station etc Sometimes,they even made on main p(Taking into an account how anxiously korean portal site pull down JYJ related articles,it is almost extraordinary.

All these happenings are not just by chance, though. Incidences of Qtv and 2vxq TV program signify how desperate SM is. On the other hand, JYJ internet broadcasting station is just a proof that JYJ fandom is now entering a new period of enforcement. Even more substantial is the evidence supported by each news dealing with Qtv or 2vxq issue,plainly being a manifestation of SM’s influence. In contrast, internet broadcasting station related news appear as a pure expression of pleasant surprises.

I was interestingly amused by prospects for enlarged scope of battle as well as changed attitude of media. As we know, this battle has become a fight between JYJ fandom and SM. Unlike the precedent cases, JYJ fandom has proved to be not tractable and created a new paradigm of korean pop culture. Judging from abundant news articles, columns and twitt posts coming out recently,it is evident that the scope of battle is no longer limited within JYJ fandom and SME, but extended as much b/w progressive opinion leaders advocating fairness of society and established power wanting to maintain unfair system. As much desirable outcome as it is, we feel it also beyond expectation ever perceived.

Now, our children(JYJ) has become an icon of resistance standing up to the unfairness of social system.Ironically, that outcome is greatly indebted to outrageous activity of SM more than JYJ or their fans. All we wanted was JYJ singing freely on stage, but SM fed up with no intelligence but arrogance has done a marvelous job making themselves an icon of unfair social system. Therefore, I judge that this battle is now beyond what SM could have dealt with. They now have to risk not only losing 3 talented laborers but also degradation of company image and ultimately diminished power. Only way for SM to withdraw with the least damage is being RATIONAL for the sake of company and its many young talents.


(comment 1) I agree. I know some fans are feeling uncomfortable about the appearance of conflict b/w social groups. However,it was exactly such a realization of defective social system which motivated me to be a hardcore fan because I wanna contribute for the kind of society in which I wish for my own children to live.

(comment 2) In history, revolution never meant to be as it turned out. It always started from small struggles, which was unexpectedly evolved into revolutionary path,through casual or intentional ALLIANCE. It should be kept in mind: what eventually made it possible was proper alliance b/w justifiable cause of individuals and constructive/POLITICAL force at its right timing. We are now the body of modern politics on the way of consumer's revolution in cultural sector. We have not even taken out the final decisive card they fear the most. They better humbly take our advice to stop at this point.

(comment 3) I think it is now too late for SM to withdraw. Even many acquaintances of mine who used to laugh at my fan girling are becoming very interested in this issue.

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