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I will clarify, first and foremost, that I am a fan of Kim Jaejoong, Jung Yunho, Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu, and Shim Changmin, regardless of the name they use. I am not a JYJ anti and never will be. I have gone through extensive health-harming lengths to be able to afford their showcase and albums. I'm doing humiliating work as a janitor and research guinea pig to afford their concert. I've gone to extreme, nonsensical lengths to support JYJ. Because they need it. And I do the same for Homin.

These JYJ stans act like they are angels supporting JYJ so much. What they fail to notice is their hurtful words. It's purely malicious. I didn't know people could say such things. Don't act like a saint when you are putting down innocent guys. It's hypocritical and wrong. If you don't like Homin then fine. Just shut up then.

This goes to Homin stans as well. If you picked a side fine. No one is going to kill you. It's your decision. But it's crossing the line when you say stuff like this.

Please spread this around. Show the world what kind of fans these stans are. These are real comments from JYJ stan's twitters.

"no, I don't think Changmin performed well at NHK. unless "to sing and perform well on favorite stage" means sulking and staring blankly."
@ xxxx "Exactly. Changmin practically screwed up the last ever perf they ever had together and now he's playing the victim- immature!"

"when i watch Balloons MV for the first time, I become anti of TVXQ, its scared the shit out of me. so balloons really doesn't impress me."
@ xxxx "really? I thought balloons was also by H.O.T. LOL. but i'm not a fan of balloons, it gave me bad impression of TVXQ." <--- TVXQ is also JYJ so it gave you bad impression of JYJ too?

First insult BigEast:

@ xxxx "k album didn sell much but jp sell more than most 5thsk singles the BE r delusional and stupid like most hm fans"

Then BigEast is the best:

"FOR BIGEAST... Jaejoong and Yoochun will come to Japan tomorrow. Give them a warm welcome. ^^

@xxxx "Wiki's editor must be HM's fan or SM's slave then" <--- supporting all 5 makes us SM slave?

Attacking translator's who have done nothing but their job:
@ xxx "i tweeted jeelim jyj petition she tweeted she does not participate on jyj or dbsk project on her personal twitter what a bitch"
About dorfehh they said:
"A FAKE trans abt Knee Drop was released. Dear OT5 girl i know you love 'em but it's worthless to make HM look better by this way." <-- she translated what she saw. Shut up.

Bashing entire countries:
"their entertainment, depend on SM 4 who to come and go to sing in their own country, China should be ashamed."

@ xxx "CM does look like he has been constipated for yrs, I think I need to get copyright for this expression for CM" <--- I'm not even sure what this is about.

"Haha it's so funny to see how ho fans begged unni jyjlove to stop talking about homin they can't handle the truth about hm serve them right" <--- what truth? Do you know the truth? Are you them?

"why is this issue come up again? i thought we agree that yunho have no balls?"

"Okay Changmin, you too thought that Kohaku 2009 would be the last ever performance and yet you deliberately screwed it up. Congratulations.

"SYC filled with immature, dumb brats who hide behind the facade of being TVXQ5 fan- grow up you stupid JYJ bashing imbeciles"

"Jung Yunho, I think you have forgotten the fact that without Junsu and Jaejoong, you would never have had TVXQ in the first place" <--- Acutally w/o the 5 there would be no TVXQ

@ xxx "u mean some fans block our trending? What is wrong with them? HM fans want revenge? How petty is this? #ilovejyj" <--- oh so you didn't trend? You mad? Try harder next time, perhaps.

"he even said once that he will allowed to throw him with rocks if they end up split one day... are that offer still on? ^___^" <--- angelic stan wants to throw rocks at a human being. What has this come to?

"i hate him more after watching that video. to the extent that i only watch the trans and let his face hidden!~ hate u so fucking much!" <--- Yunho has a beautiful face. Your eyes aren't good enough to look at it.

"JYJ is losing here. 'website here' (strange, yesterday JYJ was # 1, I think anties vote TVXQ5 so even HM doesn't win, neither JYJ."

Angels. Truly.

Thank you to monbrielle1. A great OT5 fan. ^^
Screenshots of these quotes are available as well.

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