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2nd Mar 2011 from Twitlonger

On opportunism.

Recently, some press outlets spun a story about Julian Assange trademarking "Julian Assange", "WikiLeaks" and associated logos. These are defensive applications following the discovery of fraudulent trademark applications in Berlin, made last November and December. The most basic journalistic research (performing a trade mark search) makes these fraudulent applications obvious.

Whether the motivations of the fraudulent applications are to shutdown or harass WikiLeaks or to wrongfully profit from its good name are unknown, but the applications try to gain exclusive rights on almost every area of the economy, from clothing to the internet.

If such a trademark is acquired, it can then be used to assist in shutting down WikiLeaks domain names and other functions. The same issue exists for "Julian Assange".

Please help us in fighting off such attacks:

-Julian Assange


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