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1st Mar 2011 from Twitlonger

Oh God, here we go again, this will be one of the world's largest circuses of pure pain:

"According to the defense, Jackson was so dependent on propofol that he swallowed a heavy dose when Murray was out of the room."

Are they SERIOUS?! This would almost be laughable if it was not true. It is a LIE--especially if Murray managed to make some sort of makeshift, lethal gravity drip, then Michael could not have awaken even if he tried. Michael knew not to swallow propofol--hence he asked for a doctor to give it to him and monitor him so he would be okay. He also did not have any "white liquid" in his stomach and unless the autopsy report is wrong, which to my knowledge it is not, only 0.13 mg of propofol was found in the stomach--that is equal to 0.013 mL (before I was a hundredth off). That is about a tenth of a milliliter. Michael had a "transmural hemorrhage" from CPR, aka a stomach bleed. There was 70 grams of "dark fluid". Propofol is white. That "dark fluid" is likely blood (it is usually dark in the stomach) mixed with normal gastric juices that digest your food. By all means 0.13 milligrams does NOT equal 70 grams. A small bottle of propofol is 200 mg in comparison. If there is an error (which I doubt) with the amount and findings in the autopsy report then there can only be one conclusion--Murray shoved propofol down Michael's throat.

"The reprimand comes as Murray tends to patients in Houston, where he still has a license to practice. His defense hints he is in a money squeeze."


"Murrays says he is innocent of causing Jackson's death. Yet Murray's defense attorneys have not produced witness statements and reports from defense experts, which they need for trial."

Someone PLEASE put Murray in prison and throw away the key. NO TRIAL IS NEEDED. Do not waste the taxpayers money on this sorry-ass sociopath! His only defense is to try and paint Michael as a JUNKIE who pushed poor Murray (yeah right) around and Murray did it because he needed the money to pay his hoes (not his kids). How could ANYONE feel sorry for this SOB that still has the audacity to call Michael a "friend"?! They say "friends don't let friends drive drunk". True. So what does that mean about Murray? I don't think friends poison then abandon their friends leaving them to die by suffocation, either, all in the name of not being able to get a full night's rest!

This crap just makes you want to SCREAM--Michael and his children do not deserve this! For anyone out there who has ever said Michael was a drug addict--please, for Michael and his children's sake, SHUT UP FROM NOW ON.

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