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27th Feb 2011 from Twitlonger

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JJ said, " I miss Junsu. He doesnt answer my call...I wonder what he is doing now.(lol) I want to come to Japan first if we can have days off. I have wanted to do so while we were not able to come. So I felt as happy as I almost jump this time. I want to call on Junsu right now (lol)"
He is so sweet, isnt he?
We are happy.

@ananYuKaSudayo ジェジュンは「ジュンスがいないのは寂しい。電話に出ない・・・なにしてるんだろう(笑)休みがあったら真っ先に3人で日本に遊びに来たいです。それは来れなかった期間ずっと思ってた。だから今回は飛び跳ねるほど嬉しかった。ジュンスを今すぐ呼びたい(笑)」だって。優しいね。私たちは幸せだ。

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