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27th Feb 2011 from Twitlonger

RT @ananYuKaSudayo YC said to jap staff," i want to have live concert. It is so happy to be able to come to Japan like this time, though, I miss Junsu.I want to come with all of us, three. I have so much to tell fans that i can not make it into words. I just want to meet them."
He makes us happy. I want to meet them, three.

RT @ananYuKaSudayo: ユチョンが日本人スタッフに「日本でライブがしたい。こうゆう風に日本にこれたことはすごくうれしく思うけどジュンスがいないから寂しい。3人できたい。ファンのみんなに伝えたいことがあまりに多すぎて言葉にならないけど、ただ会いたい」って言ってたんだって。嬉しいね。3人に会いたい。

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