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27th Feb 2011 from Twitlonger

I know this may be old news to some but I have been meaning to rant about this article for some time now:

The defense team is basically refusing to prepare reports and statements--is this for real? Do they think this is some sort of game or tactic? No, it is just another unethical move by Murray's team. I hope Murray has hired some really pathetic attorneys but more than anything I think these attorneys are directly feeding into that lawyer-stereotype of being deceitful--just like everything else regarding Michael's murder. I hope Pastor sticks to his word and throws out some "consequences" to the defense--it would be a "first " for Murray. If they are not preparing notes then they are trying to score getting one of Michael's former attorney's former associate to defend him! What else will Murray NOT do to try and get off with Michael's murder? He should consider himself lucky he isn't facing murder one charges and give it up already--he has no defense and blaming the tragically deceased victim will only get you so far.

"Flanagan said one defense expert is likely to claim Jackson was addicted to Demerol and was suffering from withdrawal when he died."

For all of you who have defended others for speaking out about Michael's assumed drug addiction/abuse and said they were doing him no harm and it would not affect the outcome in trial--think again. Plant some doubt or confusion in an non-medical jury's mind and you have a free Murray.

Let's refresh everyone's mind here--there was no Demerol or any opioids (similar drugs to Demerol) in the house. There was none in Michael's body when he died. Since Michael's toxicology screening was clean he likely had not had Demerol for at least a week. Murray claims he never wrote for such medications, either, and if he wanted to say Michael was addicted he should have bought some vials and planted them around the house. I guess he didn't anticipate blaming Demerol withdrawals until now after hearing Demerol coming out of so many mouths over the past 20 months. I have a newsflash for everyone--everyone would have known if Michael was suffering from withdrawals from Demerol. I'd be willing to bet he'd been hospitalized for it--it is not being a little sick here or there--it is like witnessing (and living for the user) a real nightmare. Oh, and if Murray thinks he can justify treating opioid withdrawal with propofol he can think again--it would never be used for such, either. You treat opioid withdrawals with--guess what--opioids like methadone and Suboxone. You use a drug call Narcan to reverse such drugs if too much of an opioid is taken--did Murray have any of these drugs on hand? No. There are strict guidelines for doctors who treat drug addiction--Murray is not certified and never would be, either. This is just pure B-to-the-S.

But, rather than continue to ramble, I think Deborah Brazil summed it up best--"Brazil said there was no evidence of that (addiction/withdrawal from Demerol), and Pastor questioned how an expert could come to that conclusion without making any notes." (I am clapping for that statement made above.) It seems Murray and his team are just pulling more and more from out of their asses. The only problem is Michael and his loved ones are again getting hurt by these vicious lies.

"In a separate matter, attorneys for Jackson's mother, Katherine, told a judge handling a wrongful death lawsuit against concert promoter AEG Live that they would not pursue civil conspiracy and intentional infliction of emotional distress claims against AEG Live."

Not going to pursue civil conspiracy and intentional infliction of emotional distress? Well, I personally am for a CRIMINAL conspiracy and certainly intentional infliction of emotional distress. I hope this is changed.

"A civil court judge ruled earlier this month that Katherine Jackson could not pursue the claims without amending her lawsuit, but the case could continue with allegations that AEG failed to properly supervise Murray."

Mrs. Jackson please do not allow your attorneys to claim AEG failed to properly supervise Murray--Murray did not need the supervision of his professional practice of medicine by a company who has no medical expertise or knowledge. Murray, sadly, is deemed an "expert" in the field of medicine, that includes diagnosing and treating an array of ailments based on his internal medicine training. AEG and Murray both turned a blind eye and made people back off when others and they themselves knew they were stressing Michael out so badly they were pushing him to the brink of death. He was so strong he had to be killed before he would ever give up on life or his duties, though.

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