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26th Feb 2011 from Twitlonger

[FANACC] 110223 Yoochun at Tokyo Tower

After their filming at Odaiba ended, I went around shopping with my frined. Then we heard that Yoochun was at a game center in Odaika. No way, he was that close, I totally missed him (T.T)

We then guessed that the next spot they were going to would be Tokyo Tower because it was close. But then Jaejoong uploaded a picture of Odaiba and we ran there, but it was still bright there! (T/N: the pic JJ uploaded is Odaiba at night)

It turned out that JJ uploaded a picture from yesterday. He's good at tricking us… Then suddenly YC uploaded his picture from Tokyo Tower, just like what we guessed! (^o^) We hurriedly took a taxi to Tokyo Tower, and since the driver uncle didn't know about Yoochun, we told me LOL

After reaching Tokyo Tower, we started to search for him at the lower level. Not there. Then we started looking for him at the middle level. He wasn't there either. We were giving up and walking towards the souvenir shop…

Then we saw a lot of people there! It was the booth where you have your face portrayed. I was like, "Why does that person's hair look like Yoochun's?". My friend: "He's wearing a khaki shirt and his hair looks like Yoochun…"

But we thought that Yoochun wouldn't be here and were going to give up. However, when we turned back, it was really Yoochun!!! He was having a portrait there! Yoochun looked so cute just by sitting~

Yoochun's face is very small and fair-skinned!

We couldn't ask for an autograph but we shook hands with him. He was such a gentleman.

After he was done, he walked out of Tokyo Tower and fans were already waiting. He walked quickly, but still looked happy seeing that there were many people waving at him. There, there is a surprise…

I called out, "YOOCHUN~! WHERE IS JUNSU?" then as one would expect he turned back smiling and waving at us. Such fanservices ♡ Then he got on the van, but he stilled waved at us through the window.

Yoochun is very tall, and he's such an amazingly gentle person. I've come to love him even more and more ♡

Source: @211theMiyucky
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