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24th Feb 2011 from Twitlonger

[FANACC] More of Jaejoong & Yoochun at Odaiba.

1. When I came to the beach, Yoochun wasn't there but Jaejoong was there, I could recognize him b/c his skin was very fair. Although he put on a shirt, he still looked very sexy (//∇//)

2. JJ was sitting on the sandy beach drinking (probably) ice coffee. When he turned back, our eyes met and when I waved to him, he said, "Thank you thank you ^^" ♡ Soon after that YC appeared. The two of them were both wearing t-shirts over their tank tops in different colors.

3. While YC was listening to music, he started to take pictures of JJ who was sitting there. When JJ was about to get up, YC said, "Sit down~" and JJ did. After he was able to take proper pictures, YC smiles delightedly♪ (LOL this is so cute)

4. While the two of them were walking by the beach, YC said, "There's still Junsu~~" ^^ Maybe he meant that it would be good if JS was there too. While they were filming, they suddenly hugged each other. Then JJ started to doodle on the sand. The 2 of them looked at the doodles and started laughing out loud and taking pictures.

5. After they were done with filming, when they were done changing and prepared to move, JJ greeted us, "Good afternoon~ (^人^)" in Japanese. Anyway the two of them are way too handsome and way too cute.

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I went to the cafe that JJ & YC were at. The staff said that the two of them were very handsome and polite. When I asked what the two of them had at the cafe, the staff said they were sharing a hot dog.

Hot dog from that cafe lol:

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There is fanacc for Tokyo Tower but the person needs to sleep now so she's gonna write it tomorrow 8D

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