Yea nigga, turn me up,turn me up. Word up man. This go to every real nigga man.You might know me nigga, but I know everything about you man. So word up man for real, just stay out a real niggas way man. For real. Mind your business man. Go to church or something man. Word up man. And when you ready to come out in the field with the realest of all realest, nigga then holla man. Straight up. Other than that man, nigga you fuck around and get your fingers broke. Niggas be talking this big money shit man. If you got real money nigga you cant count it cause that how much money it gotta be on the table nigga. Straight up man. For real man. This for every rock star live ass nigga man. This the Chef talking ya' heard........When y'all niggas start wearing Russian ice and all that, come holla at me man. Come holla nigga. Fuck that man. I'm tired of these fake industry faggot niggas fronting and all that shit and all this bullshit. All that shit is technical corny shit.You don't get points for that bruh. Word up man. This is real right here.This is not fabricated nigga.You know what it is nigga. Word up man. Put some motherfucking hot grits in your sneakers nigga. Throw your ass in the ferry nigga. *laughs* Yea nigga. We be the niggas that be on the yachts in the middle of the motherfucking ocean. You know what I'm saying? Don't get drowned in one of the Mediterraneans nigga. We"ll drop your ass off. CHUMP!

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