Name: Lily Evans
House: Gryffindor
Year: seventh
Age: 18
Birthday: January 30th

Life is a miriad of complicated twists and turns, and yet somehow through all the rain comes a rainbow.

Since the start of my time at Hogwarts, I have learned one thing: Only trust those who mean something to you. I'm a muggleborn, and I've learned that purebloods do not take highly to muggleborns. Not that I care anyway. I'm proud of who I am. Brightest student in our whole year, became a prefect fifth year, and eventually made my way to Headgirl at the beginning of this year.

I'm a huge reader. Muggle books, Wizarding books, it doesn't matter. I'm also in love with those muggle music movies. Like Singing in the Rain or The Sound of Music. Not to mention a huge fan of Muggle Cartoon movies, created by a man named Walt Disney. My favorite Disney movies are Peter Pan and Sleeping Beauty. For obvious reasons of course, but if you're too stupid to figure them out I'm not going to tell you.

I'm also a poet. James and Cassi can tell you. They are among the few I show my work to. It's not that I'm bad at it, or I'm unpopular and people don't care, I'm just a person who doesn't like to show her work to people, because I hate when people make a huge fuss over it.

I would say that I am a complicated sort of person. Stickler for rules, yet I pull pranks on Slughorn with my best friends all the time. I suppose that has something to do with @JProngs. My Prince Charming disguised as Head Boy. Its funny, because the past six years I utterly despised everything about him, including the air he breathed. But then, I started to watch as he matured and became level headed. It didn't take me too long to start to feel the same way he's always felt about me.

My friendship with @hbseverus is another story. Since fifth year, on that dreaded day, I have not talked to him, no matter how much he tried to talk to me. We've been fighting a lot, particularly when he decided to hex @SPadfootBlack, but when he ran into a certain...wolf, in his transformed state, and James saved him, and he tried returning the favor, I've been talking to him a lot more. And who knew it'd be a lot of fun to rekindle an old friendship?

And how could I forget @MaryMacdonald__? She's one of my favorite people, one of my best friends, she's like my sister. After her dissapearence after two months, I've got so much to catch her up on. I can't wait.

Now, @Cassi_Lupin. Best friends since first year. She's been with me through everything. You could say I've "talked her ear off" with everything that I've ever went to her with. Problems at home, problems with my heart. She's my other half, if you will. Due to rather...complicated matters, at the end of the year she's coming to live with me at my house. It's my own personal favor for chewing her ear off for seven years.

As for @Addison_Sly well, he's...difficult. He's like my brother, in a way. We fight and argue, but its never really anything terrible. I protect him from his fangirls, he protects me from everything else. I tell him time and time again that it doesnt matter to me what he is, he's still an amazing friend and that's good enough for me.

I'm proud of who I am. From an unknown, muggle born witch to Head girl, I've made my mark where I think it necessary. And truth be told, I'm pretty damn happy about it.

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