In addition to the book version of #UniteBH we are creating a video to really express it! Send us your filmed statement of what #UniteBH means to you. Everyone is welcome to take part, Sunnis/Shias/All Religions/Bahrainis/Expats/Tourists/Kids/Even your pets! All of you! The more the merrier!!!

What you need to do:

-Use the highest quality camera/iPhone/webcam you can get your hands on (This is the time to call in that favour from your tech buddies!)

-Only head-shots please (shoulders and up) You can make the background as exciting as you want!

-Try to be sure that your audio is clear. We want to be able to hear you loud and clear!! If you have a mic, use it!

-Record your video. It should not be longer than 10 seconds! It can be in English or Arabic! Be as creative as you can!!

-Send your video here -

-We will edit and merge all the videos and post them online, you will have taken part in something fantastic that everyone can see!

-The last date for submissions is Feb Fri 25th at Midnight Bahrain time.

Ahem, A little note of what we do not want

-We are NOT interested in statements that don’t show the spirit of #UniteBH

-We are absolutely NOT interested in any form of sectarianism!! No us and no them!

Keep it good, clean and unifying!

Right, now that’s out of the way, GO GO GO!!!!

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