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22nd Feb 2011 from Twitlonger

@RVnGrammy Well, again, no offense intended...But I think nearly every sportswriter (or any writer/reporter on any beat) would tell you they are passionate about the craft first -- the writing, the reporting. What we happen to be covering is mostly incidental. Getting to tell the story...that's the fun part. So when you say, "you're all fans"...I'd say, "not so." Think about how you define "fan." I assume you would say it's someone who goes to an event or watches on TV and cheers. That is not what we do. I haven't attended a race as "a fan" in more than 10 years (and then only once) and nor would I in my current job, which demands observation and analysis and critical thinking. Emotion doesn't factor into those things; though it does vis a vis writing about how those we cover express their feelings.

In turning around your suggestion of "enjoy the moment" (a sentiment that I appreciate in everyday life)...writing/reporting is what we do for a living, and hopefully we love it. Getting to do what we do is enjoying the moment...not taking joy in what those we are observing are doing. And the best I've seen at this gig are those who work efficiently and coolly under enormous deadline pressure. The end product might be gushing with evocative imagery and emotion. But the process of producing it contains little of it.

Again, I am hoping this doesn't come across as condescending or arrogant. You are one of many followers whose feedback I relish. But I wanted to try to explain my mindset on this in as full detail as possible.

Thanks for following!

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