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21st Feb 2011 from Twitlonger

Urgent message from MJTRUTHNOW re: Martin Bashir. (links fixed!) There IS something you can do! Read carefully!

Examples of Mr. Bashir’s tawdry past, as well as a sample letter are provided for your convenience to assist in constructing comments to the HuffPo article. Specific examples are provided which support objections to Mr. Bashir’s appointment as an anchorman.

WHO: Martin Bashir

WHAT: The Huffington Post (22 million unique visitors per month)

WHERE: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/02/18/martin-bashir-msnbc-show-_n_825412.html

WHEN: Published Friday, February 18, 2011

WHY: This may be a time to, again alert, the executives of Comcast / NBC Universal / MSNBC that they’re making a huge mistake by giving Bashir a slot on MSNBC. We need to encourage them to cut their losses and move forward without Bashir.

PLEASE: When leaving a comment on The Huffington Post blog, provide an example as to why Bashir should not be provided with his own show. Providing one’s opinion doesn’t lend a reason as to WHY MSNBC should not grant Bashir his own show.

NEXT: We will provide information to contact Comcast, NBC Universal and MSNBC executives to direct their attention to the buzz at The Huffington Post.

MOST IMPORTANT: It’s critical to leave Michael Jackson out of your comments. Our complaint against Bashir goes far beyond his disrespectful and destructive treatment of Michael.

REMEMBER: Our argument is weakened by bringing up Michael as the primary focus of our ire, even as Michael was victimized by Bashir’s deadly self-serving agenda.

NOTE: PLEASE, focus on Bashir’s lack of professionalism, as well as his deceitful approach to newsworthy subjects and his history of compromised ethics.


We risk giving the impression that it is those Michael Jackson fans at it again!!

IMPORTANT: We have EIGHT days to make a difference. Let’s see if we can pull another “Discovery Channel” victory from the jaws of Bashir’s tabloid trashy mouth.

No Michael Jackson avatars
No Michael Jackson fan monikers
Use respectful language
No love letters to Michael
PLEASE: spell/grammar check


Please take the time and read even one link and, then, formulate a comment from the information on the link.

The following has already been posted at Huffington. Please use this as a guide, only.

The suspicion that the interview with Princess Diana was brought to fruition by concerns from Earl Spencer that private bank statements had been leaked to Bashir…


The pretence of befriendin­g footballer George Best’s wife which was apparently a ploy to secure an interview …


The complaint by Farooq Yusof, that Bashir had promised information about his missing daughter, but instead, Bashir tricked Yusof into an on-screen confrontation with the girl….


The display of racism towards Sean Coombs after Bashir had questioned his parenting skills…


The sexist remarks at the Asian American Journalist­s Association…


Another example:

Some former colleagues say the name "Bash", typifies Bashir's approach as he was known by many. "He was the swervest man on earth," one former colleague reported yesterday. "He is incredibly charming, but such a slippery character. It was entrepreneurial journalism he was about- just like the tabloids do - and there is often an element of bullshit about it. He always talked a good game, always had a mate who knew someone."


Another interview, taped for Friday night's (October, 23, 2009) Nightline program in the U.S. turned volatile when Bashir quizzed Davis about the church's involvement in the autism treatments of celebrity Scientologist John Travolta's late son Jett.

Excerpts from the interview:

Bashir asked, "Do you know if the church ever advised them not to allow their son to receive certain medications?"

Davis replied, "The church never advised them in any way, shape or form whatsoever on any aspect of their son's treatment. Never have, never will."

And when Bashir asked Davis if it was true that Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard believed in an inter-galactic emperor called Xenu, the church spokesman refused to even dignify the question with a response. Furthermore, earlier on, Mr. Davis reminded Bashir that he didn’t want to engage in that level of sensationalism about the church and that Mr. Davis would remove himself from the interview if Bashir continued. Mr. Bashir continued that line of questioning; Mr. Davis stood up, calmly removed his microphone and walked off set



The following is an example of someone who wrote a letter and provided a link in order to support one’s reason for asking MSNBC to reconsider providing Bashir with access to his own show. Please use this letter as a guide to compiling your own letter, if it is helpful to do so.

Bashir has a history of demonstrating his inability to exhibit appropriate integrity. It appears that MSNBC”s human resources department has not thoroughly inquired into Mr. Bashir’s background as a journalist.

The following is just one example of Mr. Bashir’s inability to discern what constitutes appropriate behavior. Bashir, a designated representative of the journalist profession, will always be remembered for his comments during a speech to the Asian American Journalists' Association (AAJA), where his brief was to champion the cause of minority groups in journalism.

The following quotes are taken from an article written about the incident: "In what many considered to be out of character, the hard-nosed newsman made a bawdy joke on stage - which he has now admitted was "tasteless­” That statement was, "I've never been around so many Asian babes in my life," he told his AAJA audience."In fact, I'm mightily relieved that the podium covers me from the waist downwards. I've been having trouble all evening.”

Out of character and tasteless only begin to describe Mr. Bashir’s blatant inability to distinguish what appropriate behaviors are from his own impulsive tendencies toward sharing what is foremost on his mind. This example is simply one incident among many that highlight this reporter’s history of ill-repute.

The following link is provided, for your convenience, as a reference to the comment presented here.


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