I have been getting lots of DM's from people asking me about what happened between me and Teresa Palmer so I just wanted to tell you guys about it. A couple of days ago, @tez_palmer found my bashing Twitter and followed me. She then sent me this DM:


I responded:


After she DM'd me, she unfollowed me, then blocked me.
So, basically, Teresa Palmer admitted to having sex with Zac Efron a few weeks ago, when he was still figuring things out with Vanessa.

When I uploaded these pictures, Teresa started getting lots of hate from furious Zanessa fans who hate her for ruining Zac's chances of getting back with Vanessa. Teresa then posted these tweets, and deleted them but I managed to screencap them in time;)



Then Teresa started getting more hate at she tweeted this:

"Wow laughing at all these crazy comments!! I am only going to say this once and never say it again...."

"Zac is my FRIEND and I have known him for years. I am very happy to be single and felt the need to put his young fans out of their misery!"

Firstly, I have to say, she is lying in both of those tweets. I have no doubt in my mind that Teresa is going to mention Zac's name again, like the name dropping fame-whore that she is. Zac Efron is NOT her friend and she hasn't know him for years. She got her first acting job in Hollywood four years ago and it was a small role. She hasn't done much since then. I doubt an actress with 0% recognition would be mixing with the likes of, a then 19 year old, Zac Efron who was filming HSM 2 and Hairspray.

By saying she has known him for years, Teresa is giving the impression that she has known him longer than Vanessa has (again being a famewhore). Remember Nikki Blonsky anyone?

Also, not all of Zac Efron's fans are 12 year olds, some are actually older than Teresa Palmer herself. And if she is not offended by "his young fans", why is she threatening to set her Twitter account to private? Got something to hide Teresa?

I shall conclude with this...

Teresa Palmer is a liar and a whore who has slept, and will continue to sleep her way to the top of Hollywood. Teresa has had several A List boyfriends and, God knows how many one-night-stands. But when she decided to ruin Zanessa's relationship, she messed with the wrong fanbase.


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