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15th Feb 2011 from Twitlonger

[NEWS] Hero JaeJoong Valentine Chocolate→silkworm "worm? like a begger? Don't eat it!" are overseas fans fright

Fans are frighten over the picture of silkworms.
Group JYJ member Hero JaeJoong, gave the picture of silkworms instead of chocolates to fans.
Just before the end of Valentine's Day on the 14 of February, Hero JaeJoong posted on twitter leaving a message saying, "Silkworm in the stead of Chocolate" along with the picture of a plate of silkworm that was served with red chilli.

Overseas fans who saw the picture made different kinds of comments on it and local fans and netizens were smiling over the picture.

Fans have left messages like:
(Oppa, What is that? Seems like an insect)”,
(Did you eat this?)”,
(iyyyyyyyy bad T_T)”
because they didn't get many chances to see silkworms.
And also messages like:
(How could you eat things like this!!!!)”
(Don’t eat, oppa!! It’s not healthy!!)”
Overseas fans seemed to be worried about Hero JaeJoong's health.

Whereas, Korea Netizens commented things like:
"ㅋㅋㅋㅋcutie pies are crazy over silkworms ㅋㅋ”,
"this is delicious~ and it's absolutely nothing bad to the health but it's very nurtritious ^^ maybe something better than chocolate?"
"should we try listing silkworms onto visiting korea tour books?"

영웅재중 발렌타인 초콜릿→번데기 “벌레? 거지같애? 먹지마!” 해외팬 기겁

번데기 사진에 해왜 팬들이 기겁했다.

그룹 JYJ의 멤버 영웅재중이 발렌타인데이를 맞아 자신의 팬들에 초콜릿이 아닌 ‘번데기’를 선물했다.

영웅재중은 2월 14일 발렌타인데이가 끝나기 직전 자신의 트위터에 “초코렛 대신 번데기”라는 글과 함께 빨간 고추까지 뿌려져 있는 한 접시의 번데기 사진을 올렸다.

이 사진을 본 해외 팬들의 다양한 반응은 한국 팬들과 네티즌들을 웃음짓게 했다.

그들은 “오빠 이게 뭐야? 곤충 같은데(Oppa, What is that? Seems like an insect)”, “뭐냐-_-;(What-_-;??)”, “이거 먹어?(Did you eat this?)”, “아으----거지같애 T_T(iyyyyyyyy bad T_T)”라며 평소 잘 보지 못했던 번데기에 기겁을 했다.

또 “너 이런거 어떻게 먹냐!!!!(How could you eat things like this!!!!)”, “먹지마 오빠!! 건강에 안좋아!!(Don’t eat, oppa!! It’s not healthy!!)”라며 영웅재중의 건강까지 걱정했다.

이에 한국의 네티즌들은 “ㅋㅋㅋㅋ귀염둥이들 번데기에 기절했구나ㅋㅋ”, “이거 맛있는 거에요~ 건강에 나쁜거 절대 아니고 영양 만점 식량인데^^ 초콜릿 보다 좋은걸지도?”, “한국 관광 책자에 번데기를 넣어볼까…”라고 반응을 나타내 웃음을 자아냈다. (@mjjeje)


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