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[REDISCOVERING KIM JUN SU,of the musical 'Tears Of Heaven'] - Title

http://bit.ly/heCcvB - Sub title

Armed with the ability of inner mental acting to stimulate sensibility

Excelennt ability of communication with the audience

Now, the musical, TOH, which paints the tragedic love of a couple in the war is the topic among performing arts fields everyday.
One of the reasons that only this work draws the public's interest is because of Kim Jun Su, who play the role of Jun, the male hero.

Rising as the blue chip of the musical field immediately, being awarded with the male Rookie of the Year award & the most popular award at 4th of the musical awards, and the male Rookie of the Year award & the popular star award at 16th of the Korean musical grand prize consecutively with his debut work, <Mozart!> catches the audience's attention with more mature acting ability in this work.

Kim Jun Su's transformation is superior. His acting is unwound in harmony together with messages of love, betrayal and loss, forgiveness, toward the auditorium pile by pile.

The pity, resignation, conflict ahd expectation that he holds eagerly in his life against the impassible limit of war and the actual walls dissolve into the auditorium and become objectifed/depersonalized intactly.

The ability to express emotion that became more stable and detailed, compared to the previous work makes certain that he took a step more forward as a musical actor now.
Showing various actings from the grey-haired middle-aged writer coming to find his daughter to the appearance of faded military uniform, he succeeded in erasing his previous image and putting on 'Jun' over it.

From a little naive and unbashed, to regret/misery to head for the battle field leaving his lover, and scream of parting dap fragments of sadness to the auditorium.
His emotional inner mental acting has grown up enough to stimulate the audience's lachrymal glands.

Especially, his heartrending glance when he looks back while heading for the battle field even merges the viewers' minds with misery/regret.

Communication or communion with the auditorium is his greatst arms and strength.
His control of emotion's dynamics, which make possible the criticism that he widened the width of acting one more grade captures our eyes definitely.

Not only sweet whispers with his lover, 린, but also the conflicting scene with his rival in love, captain 그레이슨 draws near realistically enough to the grade that tight tension can be conveyed to the audience's heart.

His charisma of drawing power to make the audience absorbed in having the same emotional moving line with the actor on the stage is outstanding.

On the contrary, his innocent naturalness glitters all the more, reflected by the Broadway star Brad's dignity and gravity.
His ad-lib thrown in the right time in the right place is the tonic inspring cheerful vitality into the play's dry development.

However, this comicality's never flippant. Because it's not prodigal/wasteful/reckless.
The point is also superb.
So these ad-libs of Kim Jun Su become the tool for a innocent, pure young man, Jun to come close more friendly to the audience and prop to ease the strain.

But, most of all, what brighten him on the stage is music. Frank's uniquely sweet melody and chord full of lyricism harmonize with his acting and double appealing power.

Kim Jun Su's strong and explosive singing ability, which requires no more explain stimulates Jun's heart line and helps the audience absorbed in the play more deeply.

His tone covering subtle border over sweet voice and husky one sometiems twists softly & mellowly like spun sugar, and before one knows, suddenly rages like a storm and melts inside with fierce emotions likely to tear the heart to pieces.
So it confirms his steadily progressive skills.

Ah, Looking at Kim Jun Su's skillful digest of love scenes a higher level, compared to the previous work, is another joy with meeting this work!

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