Trans][13.02.2011] YC + JJ's tweet:

(Yoochun) Junsu ya!! You're the best!! Really... It was so touched!! I'm so proud that you're our member^^
6002theMicky: 준수야!!니가 최고다!!정말...감동이였어!!자랑스럽다 니가 우리 멤버라는게^^

(Jaejoong) I'm back after watching TOH. It was really touched, I found out another different Junsu! "I fell in love!" Yoochunie cried.
mjjeje: "천국의 눈물"보고왔습니다. 너무 감동적이었고 지금까지본 준수와는 또다른 준수를 발견!"반했다!" 유천이는 울었습니다.

(Jaejoong) @6002theMicky Yoochun ah please give me chocolate.
mjjeje: @6002theMicky 유천아 형 초코렛좀.

cre: @mjjeje + @6002theMicky
e-trans: The_little_pear@JYJFamilyVN

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