Jermaine Dupri and Mariah Carey to Create Musical Collaboration to Celebrate the Power of People to Make Change in the World

All-star cast from different music genres will come together during Grammy Week to produce song

Los Angeles, February 10, 2011--Jermaine Dupri announced today that he and Mariah Carey will lead an effort to produce a musical collaboration encouraging people to step forward and commit to action to make our nation and the world stronger and a better place. The inspiration for the song comes from Points of Light Institute, the largest enabler of voluntary action in the nation, an organization that inspires, equips and mobilizes people to take action that changes the world.

According to Dupri, music is a powerful vehicle to bring about togetherness and understanding, with an ability to reach people in ways that words alone cannot. “There’s a lot happening in the world right now. We hope to create something special with other great musicians that moves people and can make them understand they CAN do something positive to make their lives and the world better. “

Who: ​Jermaine Dupri and Mariah Carey will co-write the song, performing it along with a host of other artists.

What:​A multi-genre coming together of musicians to create and produce a breakthrough song to create a sense of urgency that the time is now to step forward toward a renewal of spirit and commitment to action that makes our nation and world better.

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