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11th Feb 2011 from Twitlonger

Hello, I am a Korean fan. I see many fans are confused about the "C-jes membership." I've read some translations saying JYJ is opening a new fanclub. This is false information. I don't remember seeing the word "fanclub" in any article. Unlike Cassiopeia, this membership does not have a unique name, nor its own color(like pearl red) or anything to represent JYJ. The membership is close to c-jes site membership, not JYJ's fanclub. It is even called "C-jes membership," not "JYJ membership." Please do not distort the article and C-jes's intenion. JYJ IS NOT MAKING A NEW FANCLUB.
I also heard that some fans are angry about the fee. However, this is common in Korea and is not expensive at all. Even the fee for Cassiopeia is higher than the fee for "C-jes membership."

Here's the link to Sportschosun's article about it.

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