It was the first day back at school after Christmas ... Joy. As I walked through the gates I heard someone call my name - it was Jake, great. Jake was a boy in my year group, we had a few lessons together and he annoyed me to death! Apparently he has a crush on me but I literally refuse to believe it! I just kept walking and trying to ignore him but of course he did eventually catch up with me. "hey, Kate wait up babe!" Oh my god he really does not get it, does he. "So how was your Christmas then Kitkat?" "Uh it was okay but call me Katie, yeah.

With that, I hopped into my classroom to see two of my best friends, Jessie and Bella chatting at our desk "Hey guys!" I said while giving them both a huge hug! How was christmas then? I'd barely seen them because we all went away at different times in the holiday. Jessie was my best friend, I'd know her since well forever! She is quite tall, with chocolate brown hair and green eyes. Bella is pretty short and skinny with blonde hair and blue eyes. Since I was in last of our group I ended up sitting on my own at a desk, bur atleast my friends were just behind me. As we were all catching up with everyone in the class there was a knock on the door, I didn't look up because I thought it would just be a teacher or something but no! I got a hard jab on my back and heard Bella squeal so I looked up and stood right at the front of the class was a flawless boy! Sir told him to introduce himself and he told us he was called Niall. He spoke with a gorgeus Irish accent that just carried me away! This new boy had styled blonde hair and was just so peng! Sir said something to him and then they both headed my way, sir said for Niall to sit with me and that I would be his guide around school! I was so happy and I could feel all of the girls in my class staring at the back of my head with hatred....


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