[trans+summary] JYJ's album sales is high even w/o TV appearnces!

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JYJ's 'The Beginning', 'The Beginning New Limited Edition', and 'The Beginning Luxury Pakage' were ranked respectively 8th, 10th and 11th on Gaon's Top 20 highest album sales list for 2010.

This accomplishment drew wide attention since JYJ's TV appearances have been restricted due to conflicts with their former management company.

JYJ's first worldwide alum 'The Beginning' received a lot of interest from the music industry as well as fans because world famous artists such as Kanye West and Rodney Darkchild Jerkins participated in the album.


Gaon Chart was established and is maintained by Ministry of Culture, Music and Tourism [T/N: It's a Korean government agency] as a program to promote the Korean music industry.

It was started when both pop music industry and record labels industry voiced their opinions about the need for an officially recognized chart that guarantees fairness.

cr: TV Daily

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