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7th Feb 2011 from Twitlonger

[Fanaccount] 110207 Yoochun visiting the hospital

On the same day of the shooting (today), Yoochun arrived 20 mins earlier and insisted that he must visit Park Huyn Bin and give him some warm words of encouragement. Also, after the visit, Yoochun just could not forget him, and he thought that the kid might need a car seat, so he bought one and sent it to him as a gift. This showed a thoughtful and caring side of Yoochun...

Cre: jrw8008@Weibo
Eng trans: JPhylls@Twitter

T/N: Park Huyn Bin is a kid suffering from burns. Blessing YC also did make a donation for his treatment before.

OMG Yoochun ahhhh~~~ TT TT

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