KXAS reporting that 6-9,000 fans will not be allowed in the stadium since seats weren't approved by fire marshall. They were given this letter, according to KXAS: "Please be advised that due to unforeseen conditions, the installation of temporary seating for Super Bowl XLV was not fully completed and your assigned seat is unavailable for today's game. The NFL and Cowboys Stadium sincerely regret this inconvenience. As a valid ticket holder in this area, you will be provided the following.

1. A refund equal to three times the Face Value of each ticket for which you have in your possession in the affected area. PLEASE HOLD ONTO YOUR TICKET. You will be asked to return the actual tickets to the NFL for such refund. The instructions as it related to the refund will be provided in the hospitality described below.

2. Entry into a hospitality area to watch the game.

The NFL and Cowboys Stadiu sincerely regret this inconvenience.

(via @RyanRuggiero)

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