#tnfisherman - What Next? - @bseshadri

1. Collect the names, details, photo of all 500+ fishermen killed, to be put up on the blog
2 interview the near/dear and those who have seen the actions of SL navy in person and document them in video #tnfisherman
3. effectively put together a complete dossier and documentation on SL Navy's excesses against #tnfisherman
4. Coordinate with Tamil media to have more stories out on this issue
5. coordinate with English media and online media to highlight the #tnfisherman problem
6. Reach out to every political party and get them to raise this issue #tnfisherman
7. counter the misleading propaganda in English papers and particularly The Hindu on #tnfisherman
8. Work on radicalising friends and family and neighbours on the plight of #tnfisherman
9. Organize the signature campaign on petitions online to reach 10s of thousands of signatures from the current level #tnfisherman
10. consider putting out small handouts (Tamil/ English) describing the entire issue in detail to public and political figures #tnfisherman
11. Legal discussions: Organize a meeting next weekend (5th or 6th) where lawyers who have been fighting cases on behalf of #tnfisherman to come and address what they have done so far and what can be done from here on #tnfisherman
12. Try to meet Sushma Swaraj while she is here and give her data and writeup to raise it at the national level. #tnfisherman

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